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To introduce a much-needed taste of Iceland to Singapore, Joe was in town recently on a brief tour of guest bartending at the hippest bars in town.

Particularly, to know more about London-based Joe Petch, whose talents don’t just stop at inventive concoctions – but extend to bar gadgetry including his latest plans to create a chainsaw powered cocktail shaker! Marie France Asia: How did you end up being a mixologist?

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Pure, refined and filtered through Icelandic lava rock – Reyka has set itself a premium reputation when it comes to vodka – that even when drunk straight, it is still smooth and delicate. Like a lot of things in this world, not all vodkas are born equal.The same can be said about mixologists – or bartenders – as Joe Petch, Reyka vodka’s brand ambassador prefers to be called.Informaţiile de contact (email, telefon, fax, adresa) ale firmei Andreika Trucks precum şi informaţiile detaliate (bilanţ, dosare, mărci, etc) sunt accesibile membrilor site-ului.Pentru a contacta firma Andreika Trucks sau alte companii incluse în catalog vă rugam să vă autentificaţi cu contul dumneavoastră.Firmele active sunt incluse şi pe CD-ul Lista Firme iar unele facilităti noi sunt disponibile în functie de pachetul de acces ales.