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Joining Saikou Con 2016 as a Musical Guest is Lehigh Valley based band, Deprived!

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Time to spill the beans on one of the exciting additions to Saikou Con this year that hinted at over the weekend on our social media profiles......Foxxy is a veteran cosplayer that has been very active in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida.Foxxy last joined Saikou Con in 2014 to judge that year's Cosplay Contest with Ruffle Butt and Dolly Love.This year Foxxy will be co-judging our Cosplay Contest once again and will have a table in our Merch Hall.Time for that Featured Guest announcement (a little late)!Coming back to join Saikou Con 2016 as Featured Guests are the Sci-Fi Photo Guys!

It appeared our friends since year one would not be able to make it this year, but happily they can!

Saikou Con and Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy are teaming up to give one lucky winner two (2) tickets to the January 28, 2017 performance concert of Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)!

The entry form is now open on the Time to announce another musical guest for The Saikou Punk Rock Show... TATU rocked at Saikou Con 2015's Cosplay Concert, but were a little too hard for the all ages concert, so we're bringing them back to play our 18+ Punk Rock show with Deprived!

So is Vendor Registration, the Vendor is completely sold out!

Now, the only thing is, if you visit the website, you will see the buttons to purchase are still there, but if you click them you get a message that say order can't be processed on pre-reg badges and vendor registration, the tickets for Dino Andrade's Voice Acting Master Class are still available until 6 PM on August 24, visit the Events page to purchase your ticket to Dino's class!

Ticket registration for Saikou Con 2016 Guest of Honor Dino Andrade's "How To Create Character Voices For Animation & Video Games" Master Class is now open!

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