Content aware image resizing online dating

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Content aware image resizing online dating

The goal of this project is to implement the Seam Carving approach, apply it and analyze its effectiveness/limitations on different applications.Seam carving is a method for resizing images to a desired target size with the goal of preserving the contents of the image.

A seam is simply a connected path of pixels that extends from top-to-bottom or left-to-right in an image.The procedure changes the size of an image by removing or inserting pixels that are part of the seam.The choice of which seam to alter depends on the content of the image and is reflected via the use of an energy function.This approach can also be used to amplify and remove certain objects in the image while retaining the original size.Furthermore, in the second paper by Rubeinstein, Avidan & Shamir [2], they introduced several improvements on the original, most importantly its application to videos.face detection, user supplied region selection, etc.).

Known approaches include: Shift-mapping, scale-and-stretch, energy-based deformation, and nonhomogeneous warping.Each method suffers from certain limitations and perform better on some tasks over others.[3] The following table summarizes the project milestones set forth in the proposal and the progress so far: In the mid-term report I stated that I would drop the object removal component, however I found that implementing the Real-time resizing to be rather overwhelming to implement, so I opted to drop it in its stead. Phase one and two cover the first paper [1], whereas phase three covers the second paper [2].In this report, I will detail my implementation of the project and the results I have obtained.The first part will cover the related work and project milestones achieved.Then I will discuss the components and their implementation in greater detail.

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