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Albania has set up an e-Government portal, which aims to provide a one-stop online access point to all government services.

Thus far, one of the most popular services provided by the portal is helping students to access higher education through online registration for the state entrance exam.

Other popular services include registration to driving licence theory and practical exams, tracking the status of business registration and licensing applications, tracking the status of public procurement procedures for businesses and tracking the complaints regarding public procurements.

Azerbaijan has created ASAN: a one-stop shop where the services of various government agencies are provided.

Currently nine government agencies are rendering 25 services through ASAN, including registering civil status, issuance and renewal of various IDs, notary services and tax and customs declarations.

Private companies providing banking, medical, insurance and other subsidiary services are also represented, and these private entities charge a lower fee than they would have done outside of the ASAN service centre.

Since its inauguration in January 2013, three ASAN service centres have opened in the country and ASAN Mobile Services buses fill the gap where centres are absent.

ASAN’s official Facebook page also provides updates on new services, feedback from citizens, and photos documenting state-citizen interactions.The ASAN model ensures better governance in public services because the standardisation of services for citizens reduces information asymmetry, which is often the cause of petty corruption, and there are no hand-in-hand cash payments for services.Also, the ASAN model makes government more transparent as citizens are able to know exactly which services they will receive and at what cost. It is a one-stop shop where people can access the services of various government agencies.Service centres in major cities, mobile busses, an online service and telephone hotline.Brazil’s Bolsa Família program of family income support covers 12.7 million families.The program relies on diverse approaches to inform people about their rights and obligations.

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