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Indian online dating london - christian singles online dating reviews

If it sounds like the perfect spot for you and your date, make sure you get your date booked in nice and early if you want to be guaranteed a table. Based in Clapham, Zumbura is an Indian restaurant that has an east meets west feel and serves authentic northern Indian cuisine.

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Sharing food is an excellent ice-breaker on a date as you can talk about the flavour of the food and what you like.

Zumbura’s pricing isn’t extortionate but be warned, going to Zumbura on an empty stomach could be dangerous.

Thanks to the moreish nature of the food, a hungry diner could easily see a six or seven dish affordable bill quickly turn into a 12 dish jaw dropper. Situated at the pinnacle of culinary excellence, Amaya is one of the most sumptuous Indian restaurants in the capital.

With its elegant interior and flavourful dishes, it is more than worthy of its Michelin star and certain to wow any date.

Amaya’s food is prepared utilising three of Indian cooking’s most traditional techniques.

The first is a tandoor, which is an extremely hot clay oven, the second is sigri, which involves cooking over a coal flame, and lastly tawa, which is the searing and griddling of food on an extremely hot plate.

Thanks to its stunning reputation, Amaya is quite a pricey date venue so you might want to save it for a special occasion.

Also, if you’re looking to secure a table for a weekend make sure you book in advance, as the best times (7PM-9PM) get snapped up extremely quickly.

If you really want to spoil your date than a trip to Amaya would be a perfect spot. Dishoom has four establishments across the capital, all offering mouth wateringly delicious cuisine.

You have to worry about what to wear, what to say, and maybe sometimes more importantly, what not to say.

Another issue we’ve noticed that affects a lot of people is, where do you go?

You might have only been speaking to somebody for a couple of weeks, and now you’ve got the responsibility of picking somewhere for both of you to meet which isn’t an easy task.

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