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Title: Candid Calendar Author: The Big Love126 Celebs: Emma Watson Codes: MF, celeb, rape, anal, viol Summary: Emma Watson’s calendar is not what she thought it would look like – Disclaimer: The following is a rape story featuring a real female celebrity and a fictional male. If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

Unlike most calendars with half-naked women gracing the pages, this one featured the twenty-five-year-old dressed in long dresses, business attire, nothing more risqué than a one-piece bathing suit.She was very proud to participate in something that many other women would be taking part in.She had not seen or heard anything about the other ones but today, she got to see her finished product.The currently-brunette Brit walked into the room dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a black t-shirt covered by a long white coat. ” “I’m good, just eager to see the calendar,” she responded as she rested her folded hands on the brand-new table. The picture that as chosen as the lead shot was one of her with a flower-print dress that fell to her ankles.As she approached the chair, she peeled the coat off and folded it up, resting it next to her while she sat down. “You are going to love this Emma,” he said, laying it down on the table. On her feet were a pair of black heels, her wrist covered in various bracelets and her hair done up like a princess. “I loved that dress.” “Yes, well we determined that it was the best shot of any outfit we had,” Greg explained.Emma played around with her shoulder-length hair as Mr. “If you loved that, you will love what is inside.” Greg lifted the page to show a four-month page for the end of 2015.

Wilcox, dressed in a cheap suit with his long, red hair in a ponytail, walked in with the calendar in hand. All four pictures surrounded a picture of her sitting in a board room, at the head table with her feet up on the desk.She was dressed in baggy jeans and a Metallica t-shirt, a glass of wine in hand.“I remember that wine, it was shit,” she said with a chuckle.“I look pretty good like that, though.” “I think you look really good in the next picture,” Greg said as he turned the page to January. The brunette stared at a full-color, high-definition picture of her naked in the shower at her Los Angeles condo. ” “We have our ways, Emma,” Greg responded as he flipped to February.The look on Emma’s face changed from enjoyment to horror. She was facing the camera, which looked to be hidden in the corner of the ceiling. The picture for February featured an equally-as-nude but not nearly as wet Emma, sitting on the toilet, her hand pushing down on her pussy while she did her business.Her shaven pussy was in clear view, soap dripping down her body while her hands were thoroughly cleaning her b-cup breasts. The girl had a huge smile on her face in the picture. This picture was clearly from a different day as she was sitting on the closed toilet lid, spread eagle with a hairier cunt on display.

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    Turns out, her lover’s basketphobia was so extreme that she bailed on her chance with one of the most amazing ladies I’ve met in a long time. However, as a human being, I’ve always assiduously avoided the phrase for the same reasons I currently avoid “it is what it is.” They’re both so entirely self-abnegating.