Sex worker websites

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Sex worker websites

Things that so many people take for granted, from having a bank account to taking out a car loan, can be difficult and unnerving, if not outright impossible, propositions—and they often require guidance.

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Many online payment services, like Pay Pal, have policies against “certain sexually oriented materials or services,” and you better believe sex worker Tumblrs are keeping a running tally of which services are sex worker friendly.Fiona Stone, who runs Sex Worker Helpfuls, says the most frequent financial questions she gets is about whether Pay Pal and similar services are “a good, safe option”—she says they aren’t.Some online payment processors have even seized sex workers’ accounts and put a hold on their funds.Earlier this month, a court ruled that Pay Pal customers who have had their accounts frozen might be entitled to settlements, but that hardly changes these companies’ policies.This leaves cash as the best option, and cash can be dangerous.Kate D’Adamo, national policy advocate at The Sex Worker’s Project, says policies like Pay Pal’s further marginalize sex workers and push them into “more and more isolation and into more and more vulnerability.” She explains, “If someone knows you work in the sex trade, they know you probably have money in your house, so you’re that much more likely to get robbed,” she said.

“Having to be paid in cash because you can’t use Pay Pal means that you’re walking home at night or getting in a cab somewhere with five-hundred dollars on you.” And, of course, if a sex worker is robbed, he or she is likely less comfortable reporting it to police.

“I try not to keep that much (cash) on hand so that I can afford to lose it,” says Mc Neill.

“I have a safe, it’s not a big one, I don’t want to keep around more than I can fit in that safe.” The sex work blog “good girls don’t” advises, “one thing you should invest in is a good fire-proof safe.” The post goes on to recommend, “Don’t hide cash in obvious places, like your mattress, the freezer, your toilet tank, and so on.

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Alongside standard financial talk of high-yield investments and Excel spreadsheets, the Tumblr Sex Worker Helpfuls addresses a more specific set of questions like these.