Webcaps online dating

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Webcaps online dating

Given half a chance most of us want to do a good job and contribute to something worthwhile, but those potentially very strong motivations are eroded in the face of greed of the rich and powerful.’’ Customers agreed in their bushels online.So I’ve come down to sunny Totnes to find out what else gets under the skin of Watson, an Oxford graduate who originally started delivering his veg boxes out of the back of an old Citroen in 1993.

Most companies work on a much wider ratio, yet I know from my own experience and reading academic research that performance-related pay is not the best way to motivate people.

You need to give them a sense of purpose and a power to shape their own day.

I run Riverford by trying to engage staff and customers.

You can treat the people who work for you in a humane way.’’ He admits to a ''bit of a crush’’ on green energy tycoon Dale Vince of Ecotricity.

''He has no time for professional management – the idea that things have to be done in a certain way,” he says.

You could say Guy Watson, the Devonian farmer and surfer behind Riverford Organic Farms and its home-delivered veg boxes, has much in common with his favourite vegetable, the cardoon.

Both he and this lesser-known relative of the artichoke are tall, silvery-grey on top, quirky in manner, a decided taste – and with a heart.

For Watson, 54, is no ordinary self-made millionaire entrepreneur – or even farmer, come to that.

Despite building a £45 million business that has venture capitalists salivating more fulsomely than if they were about to tuck into a plate of freshly grilled courgettes from the Riverford Organic Kitchen (the Totnes farm’s on-site restaurant), he holds some decidedly non-City views.

These often feature in his weekly blog-cum-newsletter, which goes out with each of the 47,000 boxes delivered all over the country.

He’s even known as Chairman Guy in some corners for his often left-field pronouncements. Last month in particular, one of his blogs struck a real chord with customers.

In his post on February 13, Watson wrote: ''The rich-poor pay gap has spiralled out of control; executive pay was 60 times the national average salary in the 1990s, but it is 180 times that today.

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